Listen to our latest EP Work in Progress

  • Carry Illinois grant stunning insight with their new EP, Work in Progress, a bristled and homely and humbled lineup of tunes. It’s worn around the edges, but underneath, there beats a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind heart.

    - B-Sides and Badlands

  • Carry Illinois are an LGBTQ force of power [who] hint at elements of folk, blues, and pop in their emotional songwriting. Tackling larger issues at hand, while remaining elegantly poetic, Carry Illinois are as accessible as they are relevant.

    - PlaylistPlay

  • Lizzy Lehman sounds like Stevie Nicks and Brittany Howard vocally melded together.

    - Diandra Reviews It All

  • Powering sleepy, twee-pop instrumentation, the singer/guitarist skewed introspective on “Shameful Feeling,” her otherwise theatrical voice hushed. “Little Shell” offered like-minded empathy, Lehman’s earnest narratives proving warm and hopeful.

    - Austin Chronicle

  • Carry Illinois is a force to be reckoned with.

    - Indie Witches

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